Wednesday, 18 July 2012


We're exploring signs over at Exploring with a Camera.   There are so many possibilities with signs - I've noticed that many of mine are snapped on my mobile phone, something that just catches my eye and makes me smile on the spur of the moment.    Here's (some of!) my collection:

Signs giving a sense of place:

An old post office in France:

One of our seaside favourites in Suffolk, capturing the essence of the place and some of the things we love:


Iconically London:

I also love how signs can give both a sense of place and a sense of time.  These are especially prevalent around us at the minute with the Olympics about to start in London:

Carnaby Street, decked out with Union Jacks, Olympic 2012 bunting and a giant globe:

The Royal Festival Hall, decked out for it's Olympic inspired Festival of the World:

Signs giving warnings:

At the theatre:

On the train:.

Things that make me smile:

Polite reminders for the Diamond Jubilee:

Tongue-in-cheek overstatement:


summed up as all:

I love signs - they are everywhere - and I find I am increasingly snapping the ones that catch my eye with my phone, even if it's just a word I like the sound of!  Keep your eyes out, it's amazing what you'll find.  And hop on over to the other exploring with a camera participants to see what caught their eye.


  1. What a beautiful collection you have. I love-love-love the shot of Carnaby Street, my fav street even in the UK! Well, it was ;) coz I have been there in 1989 and I know the atmosphere is quite different now. Happy day!

  2. What a wonderful series this is Becs!
    I absolutely LOVE the first one.
    Beautiful composition, textures, and tones.
    So nicely captured!

  3. Great examples of all the different signs and their uses. I love seeing how London is gearing up for the Olympics. And that old French post-office - beautiful and so very French.

  4. So many! You certainly do keep your eye out for signs! Love the first 2.

  5. Hi Becs,
    So many lovely signs you've captured.. maybe I will too. I'm heading downtown tomorrow, will keep my eyes peeled :)
    Also, London is going to be so fun with the Olympics! Can't wait to see it through your eyes.

  6. I love these examples Becs! Signs are such a great way to share both place and time in an image, as you stated. "Fabulously British" sums it up so well. That one made me smile! Thanks for joining Exploring with a Camera this month!

  7. All of the signs are great, but I love the Diamond Jubilee and Ferry the most. I live in the US so I also enjoy seeing the difference in signs and other print items between the UK and the US. Great Job!

  8. A really super collection of signs, I've loved browsing through them all but particularly like the Suffolk Fresh Fish Shop. It's a long time since I visited the Suffolk coast, I must go again soon.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Makes me feel so proud to be British seeing your signs and a Londoner more specifically... even though I'm now also a proud.
    The atmosphere in London must be electric at the moment!! I especially loved the safety curtain; I remember them from the theatre and the Odeon days.
    Thanks for putting a 'reminiscing' smile on my face! :)

  11. Such a great set of signs!! I love the fish shop with all the handwritten signs!! I also love all the British banners and signs!! I'm sure the air is electric with the Olypics in full swing!!


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