Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Texture Tuesday

We've been having fun with polaroid frames over at Beyond Layers - so much fun and so many possibilities!  They make me very nostalgic....

I am loving the roses in my garden at the minute.  I only planted them last year but they've really come into their own.  Lovely, multi-layered roses in creams and pinks with the most gorgeous scent.  I am very much an inexperienced 'try it and see' sort of gardener and I am so proud of my success with my roses.

This week's theme at Texture Tuesday is to share a favourite image and my image is a mix of many favourites - home-grown roses, some seasonal sweet william, displayed in fun little pots and cups I found lying around at home, processed with a Kim Klassen texture (flourish) and placed in a polaroid frame.  For me, this evokes childhood summers at my granny's who was a fabulous gardener and florist and who always had the most beautiful, seasonal, English flowers in her garden.

Hop on over to Kim's site to be inspired by more favourite shots.



  1. Hi Becs
    Your roses are looking better than mine here in Somerset we are getting so much rain at the moment that they have refused to come out lol!


  2. This is so lovely, it really gives a nostalgic feeling !
    Great editing !
    Nice day,

  3. That is so pretty! Love the vintage-y feel to it!

  4. I love this combination of your beautiful flowers, filling your little pots and cups - set in those Polaroid frames. It does make for a nostaglic feeling. Congrats on your successful rose-blooming! Since I kill everything I touch, I greatly admire your efforts.

  5. I absolutely love the white rose in the tea cup. Lovely composure!

  6. Beautiful flowers , and i love your teacup. very nice processing with that polaroid frame. They are very cute aren't they. I am also in Beyond layers, but sadly, and Beyond Behind. Still trying though. Planning to sign up again next year. Life just keeps getting in my way! Have a wonderful week!

  7. Very pretty! Love the image itself and that you combined it with the Polaroid frame :)

  8. This is just beautiful!
    I picture this enlarged and hanging on a wall for all to see.

  9. Beautiful vintage image, Becs! Very pretty, and I can almost smell your rose. :) Your tea cup is exquisite too!


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