Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cupcake Love

I've been having a little explore of cupcake recipes recently.  I do love a cupcake.  There is something so decadent and a little bit naughty about eating a whole cake, all by yourself.  I also love afternoon tea.  Again, it feels so decadent - such an unnecesary 'meal' and so much yummier for that!

My birthday's coming up and I really wanted to make afternoon tea and make some 'special' cupcakes for me and my friends.  Like the fancy ones you get at the (many) cupcake outlets that seem to have sprung up.   Gosh, I thought, they must be AMAZING cakes if they can command the prices they seem to (and pay for rent prices in Central London).  I can't confess to actually having eaten any (the price thing...) but lots of them have books out and share their recipes so that seemed like the next best thing.

Now, this is a purely personal opinion, but compared to my traditional, fail safe, could-make-these-in-my-sleep cupcake recipe,  a lot of the them seem to have an awful lot of sugar.  In the cake itself and certainly in the buttercream icing.   Almost cloyingly so from the couple I've tried and the quantities seem pretty similar across the board.  They do look very pretty, but wow, that sweet hit is a little too much for my tastebuds.

So, I've reverted back to my trusty Be-Ro book.  Used by my mum too (the chocolate cake is our traditional family birthday cake), the recipes are simple, traditional and - get this - WORK EVERY TIME.   I'm going to 'special up' my cakes  (if you will) by buying very fancy decorations for them and maybe some fancy cases.  But beyond that, I'm sticking with the maxim if it ain't broke....

So there you have it.  A bit of a rant and a not-very-scientific experiment that proves (to me at least) that traditional is often best.

And, here's the recipe I use in case you'd like it.  I don't even need to get the book I've done it so many times:

100g butter
100g caster sugar
100g self raising flour
2 eggs.

Beat the sugar and butter together.  Add the two eggs.  Mix in the flour (gradually-ish).
Personally I do all this in the magimix, much easier and it's always worked brilliantly.
Put into cupcake cases and bake for 15 mins at gas mark 5.

Buttercream is 50g butter and 100g icing sugar.  Beat together and add a bit of flavouring and/or colouring if you fancy.

Optional: decorate with the gaudiest decorations you can find.  We follow the philosophy 'more is more' when it comes to cake decorating.

And there you have it. 

Enjoy. :)


  1. Oh, yes - a tasty cupcake! Decorate with decadence and celebrate with joy!

  2. SOunds great, I think a pretty cupcake cases along with your failsafe recipe will be perfect, hope you have a happy birthday afternoon tea.

  3. This is the recipe we use all the time and it is great, so simple yet the outcome is delicious. I hope you enjoyed your cupcakes.


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