Monday, 17 September 2012

Hello Monday

We've been enjoying a little of this:

....and a little downtime this weekend. 

There is a definite nip in the air, however, and we are starting to see some changes.

This Monday we're saying:

Hello to chilly mornings and longer evenings
Hello to cardis and scarves (love!)
Hello to catching up with friends
Hello to settling in to new homework routines
Hello to catching up with photo editing
Hello to (a renewed) attempt at healthier eating!

How about you?  What's it like in your part of the world and what are you saying hello to today?

Linking up with Lisa Leonard.


  1. Love the colours of your late summer flowers.... very pretty.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Wow!

    I love cardi's and scarves too. :-)

    Visiting from Lisa's...

  3. Becs, these are beautiful.
    I especially love the first mosaic.
    Fall is settling in here too, but not as it normally does.
    It has been a very strange year weather-wise.

  4. Oh, I'm so envious! It's hot as blazes here and I am longing for a hint of autumn. A sweater (out of doors) not because the a/c is cranked in the office. I love the photos - so soothing when everything where I am is starting to look burned.

  5. Love the relaxing with magazines and tiny note pads...and a cup of tea or coffee! Last of the summer flowers as we watch the leaves change colour. I'm almost ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn and being able to wear scarves makes me jump for joy!!

  6. Yes, hello to all these changes of Autumn.


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