Thursday, 25 October 2012

52 Intentional Photos - Week 2

Why is summer mist romantic, and autumn mist just sad?
Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle

What a difference a week makes.  I am sticking with last week's theme of autumn because from the blue sky, golden leaved tree shots, we have in the space of the week gone to bare trees and leafy carpets.  The blue skies are gone and it's grey, misty and damp.  There is a melancholy in the air, the nights are drawing in our thoughts are definitely being drawn to comfort and warmth in preparation for winter. 


  1. It doesn't take long does it? Autumn seems to have a very short window of beauty and then it's "done". Now, some say there is beauty in the decay as well...just not as "flashy" I suppose. I'm learning to find the beauty in the decay -- as I see you are too with these photographs. And that quote? So very true.

  2. Is autumn mist sad? It's certainly a little mysterious and preparing Nature for a long and cosy sleep until next year!

  3. I think there's a difference between those lovely crisp autumn mists when you know they're going to reveal a pale blue sky eventually and the wet, miserable mists we've been having here in the UK for the past week when the mist never goes away and the air is constantly damp. I've been trying to capture them too but haven't been very successful. That first image of yours is a beautiful example of how these mists leach the colour out of the landscape and it really suits the quotation.

    1. I think that's exactly it, Angie. The autumn mists at the minute really are leaching all the colour from the landscape and I think that's exactly what makes it melancholy. I'm still trying to capture the perfect shot of the mists and that dampness where everything is just sodden and dripping and the damp just hangs in the air. I'd happily abandon my attempts for a bit of blue sky, though!

  4. Yes it has gone melancholy and mysterious sounds better than damp and grey lol......

  5. Yes it does look a bit miserable, nicely captured.

  6. I understand that melancholy. The brilliant colors here are now replaced by the dull browns and the leaves are falling fast. Though it is warm here today (near 80) I know that in a couple days it will be seasonably cold and fall will have us in her grip. I feel like I need to be gathering things and staying inside!

    Your images really show that mood of which you speak.

  7. Melancholy but beautiful photos. :)
    Sorry I am still being a "lurker", but I am feeling a bit better and hope to be a more active commenter asap! Have a lovely Friday ahead, Becs.

  8. What a great quote - because it is so very true! I wonder why that is - the difference in our feelings about mist in summer versus fall? But you have captured so well the final days of autumn and the slow slide into winter.

  9. Great capture of Autumn. Terrific.


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