Friday, 12 October 2012

A New Challenge

Rather unbelievably (to me at any rate), I have completed my 365!  Also rather unbelievably (to me at any rate....) is that I really enjoyed it and I'm really enjoying looking back at my weekly collages with their little peaks into my life that would otherwise have gone unrecorded.  A year on and I can't imagine a day passing without me taking a photo of something.  Not a masterpiece you understand, but a little something that will trigger a thought or memory.  It has truly made the ordinary details of my life into something a little extraordinary. 

The first three months of my 365 were taken exclusively on my dslr and I have to admit that my 365 got a whole lost easier when I got my phone last Christmas.  I don't carry my dslr nearly as much as I used to, I snap all the time on my phone (just ask my husband!) and instant sharing via instagram has become the order of the day.  I don't really see any of that changing and I might even continue sorting them into weekly collages, or finding some way of bringing a little order to them at any rate.  But I also feel ready for a new challenge.

Now, this started as a whole different post and a completely different challenge, but something made me hold back hitting the publish button and that's quite unusual for me.  Originally I thought about doing 52 photowalks - pretty much as it sounds! - but there was something niggling at me and making me feel a bit uneasy about it.  I couldn't put my finger on it until I went on the Sense of Place workshop with Kat.  One of the things we talked about was how we took travel photos and whether we planned travel around the photo or travelled and then photographed as the mood takes us when we're there.  I've done both but it dawned on me that the instances where I have travelled to a place with the specific aim of creating images have often been much less successful (ie I've been disappointed with the images) than the places where I've travelled because it's a place I wanted to go to and then pulled out my camera because I was relaxed and having fun.  52 photowalks seemed to be forcing the images a little too much once I realised how the process works for me.  That's not to say I'll never go on another planned photowalk but setting myself up with 52 to do seemed as though I could be setting myself up for a whole lot of disappointment.

So, back to the drawing board I went.  The fundamental aim of any project for me at the minutes is to go back to using my dslr more regularly, to be more intentional with my images and to keep to my real love of capturing the everyday.  So I decided instead to commit to posting (at least) one image a week which reflects and expresses my everyday for that week.

So here is the start of my 52 intentional photos project.

What about you, fancy joining me?


  1. Congratulations, Becs!!
    This is indeed an accomplishment.
    It is always such a pleasure to visit you here, and I am so glad you are on Instagram.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Good plan, I agree with you about the idea that it's better to be relaxed in a place as inspiration for taking photos- that's how it works for me too. These are nice images.

  3. This is me,taking a moment to applaud your Project 365 accomplishment - YEAH for you! And I like your next yearly challenge - to shoot with intention each week. I like how you used the opportunity to really consider the type of shooting that makes you happy. And from that, to come up with a project that would be challenging and fulfilling.

    These floral images are so lovely - such abundance!

  4. Congrats on finishing your 365! I just began my first one and hope to celebrate a year from now just as you are today. I have enjoyed seeing your images each week, and look forward to watching you grow as a photographer.

  5. Congratulations on completing your 365. I have begun my third, I intend to actually get beyond the second week of this one. Yes, I take pictures all the time and become intimidated with the need to complete. This year I AM going to do it. I love the idea of 52 intentional shots.


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