Wednesday, 3 October 2012

In the Picture

Here I am again.....In the Picture.  This month's theme was new perspectives.  So I tried to mix it up a bit.....dslr, iphone, new angles, a bit of black and white, a bit of texture and blending, bits of me I usually hide away, me in a skirt (I'm usually in jeans)! 

The low down

Bits of me I usually avoid in my selfies......

a skirt....and some funky tights

Hands, black and white....Cheers!
I must confess, I wasn't quite as intentional with the theme as I might have been but I have tried a few new things and I can see a serious addiction to the blending app coming on!   Christy is fantastic at this so make sure you check her blog out and follow the link for more inspiring entries.
That's it for another month.   How did you do?

In The Picture



  1. These are fun shots! You have been enjoying yourself!I like the belt shot angle and the dreaming last one with special effects which you call "blending app" which makes it sound very mysterious and clever!

  2. Great job, you've mixed it all up nicely, lots of new perspectives.
    I like your B&W champagne glass & that last one is really cool. Looks like you had fun this month.

  3. So creative - all your shots. Experimenting with interesting perspectives. Love the down low shot with the catchlight in your eyes. The fancy tights and balllet flats - the best shoes in the world. And your "dreaming" shot - blend away!

  4. i think you did a great job this month! love the tights and the skirt. thanks for linking up at {in the picture}.

  5. I agree to how addicting and fun the photo editing apps can be.
    These are all fantastic and favorite the one with your tights!

  6. I love that first shot! I've never thought to put me and the camera on the ground!! Also, love the skirt and tights and...OK I love them all!!!

  7. Becs, these are wonderful for the prompt.
    Absolutely LOVE the first one.
    So nicely done.

  8. You give me courage to do this - to be more open with myself and with the camera...the one of you with your face on the grass is wonderful...your eyes, seeing the world from a different perspective. But they are all good...all of them!

  9.  Becs, these are all really lovely self portraits. Oh, I'm so intrigued ...

  10. These are great shots and lovely to catch glimpses of you from different angles and perspectives.

  11. Really enjoy the different perspectives and the links.. So much to try. Thanks for the inspiration

  12. All fab photos. I especially love the belt buckle - great perspective, Becs. And I must check out the blening app - something that may become a new addiction for me.


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