Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Exploring with a camera is looking at chiaroscuro this month - light and dark contrast.  Kat gives a great explanation and has lots of fabulous examples that you can find here as well as lots of tips on how to achieve the effect.

Here's what I found in my own images:

Such an effective way of capturing the contrast in feel between the dark, narrow architecture and the bright landscape beyond.  I love how it really captures the mood and feel of the place. (Taken in Vence in the South of France).

I took this image recently, it was the streak of late afternoon autumn light across the pages of the book that caught my eye.

Another image taken recently, slightly underexposed, to really bring out the contrast.

Taken with my phone, I love how the chandelier and the light it is casting have equal visual weight in the picture.

I love the effect the light has in this image.   The light was quite soft afternoon light.  to emphasise this I processed it with a slightly sepia tint.  I love how the contrasts and patterns give it an almost 3d quality.

This is such a great effect that works amazingly in portraiture too which I plan to experiment with next.  Thanks Kat for another inspiring exploration.


  1. I love the way you capture light in your photos. Thanks for the link - I'll check it out. I need all the help can get!

  2. Fabulous images Becs! I especially love that last one... The light and shadow, the repetition and the gentle illumination of the floor make it very much 3d for me as well. Your processing is perfect to focus me on the light. Can you imagine it with out all of the dark? It wouldn't work. Thanks for a great entry into Exploring with a Camera. I look forward to seeing your portrait work with this technique. Please do link in again if you get to it before the end of the month!

  3. Great light & dark in these images, love the chandelier.

  4. Becs - really wonderful examples of this technique. Dramatic and each one a celebration of light. They are all beautifully unique with real contrast between those rich blacks and blazing highlights. And yes, I look forward to seeing your portraits using this technique.

  5. I love the last image of the window reflection in that last shot. I like the dark alley-way and cobbled stones taken in France too. Nice examples of the exercise given!

  6. What a terrific selection of photos for this exploring topic! I love the simple lines and high contrast in your cup and saucer, but my fave has to be the wonderful alley in Vence -- just beautiful!

  7. Fantastic captures! I love the cup and saucer photo.

  8. The are so many places to find this chiaroscuro found so many examples! I'll to pay more the book photo!


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