Friday, 23 November 2012

Five {dreams} on Friday

5 things I dream about:

1.  Flying.  Literal and metaphorical.
2.  Living by the sea.
3.  Being comfortable calling myself an artist.
4.  Travelling and capturing my adventures with my camera.
5.  Being fearless.

What do you dream about?

Happy Friday. :)


  1. Wonderful dreams, Becs, lovely image !
    Enjoy the weekend,

  2. Beautiful! And so, so peaceful. I hope your dreams are just as peaceful.

  3. Beautiful! I also dream about flying ... Wanted to be a pilot when I was young, and still every now and then dream about flying - with or without a plane :-) I wish your dreams come true!
    Wishing you a nice and peaceful weekend :)

  4. My dreams are mostly filled with the things I worry about during the day...much rather have your dreams!

  5. Love the image and the dreams. Some of them are mine too, and some of them are coming true. (Not the last one, though.) Yours will too.

  6. a great list. Looking at your picture, I think you should be comfortable calling yourself an artist!

  7. What a lovely shot - it so captures the dream of flying, with that pebbled sky of myriad blues and the single bird, flying free. I dream of traveling to Europe, camera in hand.

  8. Your image is so lovely! I love to sit and watch birds as they sore on the wind! My dream - to see the ocean one more time.

  9. this! So inspiring!!!


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