Monday, 26 November 2012

Hello Monday

First off, I love London. :)

It's still a little early for me for Christmassy things but these trees with their pretty white lights were too good to ignore.

I've had such an inspiring weekend visiting an art fair and spending time with family and friends.  So good.  Lots of ideas swirling round  my head. :)

This week I'm saying:

Hello to planning a few projects which I'm really excited about :)
Hello to household chores.  If Santa is reading I could really do with a self cleaning house for Christmas...
Hello to making a start on the Behind the Scenes course I won last week, yay!
Hello to some craft projects
Hello to a curry with friends

Happy Monday to you, what are you saying hello to?


  1. It's only a dream of mine to see the beauty of London!! I'm so glad I can see it through your eyes!! I love the first shot with the trees and that beautiful roof line!

  2. How lovely to go to London at this time of the year. I did it once a few years ago and it was glorious! I love the small picture of the street lights against the grey sky!

  3. Lovely, And hooray for inspiration-enjoy that course & Im interested to hear more about those projects that you're excited about.

  4. What a wonderful street scene, with the deep red and repeated architectural elements of the top half and the awnings, storefronts and lighted Christmas trees at the bottom. Love the strong diagonal lines that lead us in. Speaking of Christmas, I finished my holiday decorating today - I love being surrounded by my sparkly lights!

  5. I saw your lovely London shots on Instagram did you have fun and get lots of ideas? look forward to hearing about your projects


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