Friday, 14 December 2012

5 {Christmas traditions} on Friday

The last 5 on Friday of the year.   Here are my favourite five family Christmas traditions.

1.  Having a real Christmas tree.  Love the smell and the  natural 'imperfectness' of it.
2.  Listening to Carols from King's on the radio whilst pottering in the kitchen.
3.  Opening our Christmas presents after lunch. Lots of people think we're mad but it means Christmas goes on all day.
4.  Watching the Wizard of Oz, my all time favourite.
5.  Our Adnams Christmas pudding.  Delish.

We're putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend.  The Moo is beyond excited - and actually I am too.  Bring on the sparkle. :)

How about you.  What are you favourite family traditions?

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  1. Nice traditions! I like your candle image, I've been burning candles and playing carols and writing Christmas cards these last two days!
    My traditions are listening to carols (and joining in when I know the words and can reach the notes!)
    Eating mincepies on Christmas Eve and also on New Year's Eve with mulled wine. My favourite Christmas film is "Scrooge" with Albert Finney. I watch it every year nibbling on something yummy!

  2. Beautiful picture! I've been trying to take some candle photos, but they aren't coming out like yours!! Your traditions sound very cozy!

  3. I love what you did with this photograph's stunning. I can see it enlarged and in a frame and hung every Christmas. You could make that #6 on your list (even though you're only doing 5!).

    We do a real tree as well. I'm allergic to trees/sap/all that stuff, but it means a lot to my children, even though they are now in their 20s. Anytime I've mentioned artificial they get these sad looks and the younger one almost stamps his feet! :) We do our presents as soon as we are up (which thankfully is now later than 6 a.m. and sometimes we have to call them to get up!), stockings first.

    Now that they are older and in and out of the home with their school lives being in other cities, and ultimately they will have their own homes (I hope! lol!), our traditions will continue to change...but when they are still young? Oh it's lovely to maintain those, isn't it?

    Have fun decorating and getting your sparkle on!

  4. Carols from Kings oh yes me too. We open our presents after lunch too. And I make a cracking trifle with bailey's and coffee yum yum....

  5. Beautiful candle image. My most recent Christmas tradition seems to be spending a week in another state dog-sitting for my son's family. Another one, an awful song, but given to me by a friend who was a pop-music expert..."Christmas at K-Mart". It's on YouTube if you're interested.

  6. Lovely traditions and beautiful photo. It's really nice that you wait for the gifts - then Christmas isn't over in a whirlwind first thing in the morning.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead, Becs!
    Enjoy every moment.

  8. Lovely traditions, Becs !
    I also love a real Christmas tree, my husband said 'this is the last year
    I'll bring a tree inside' ... he's saying it for 5 years now :-)
    Your photo is beautiful !
    Nice weekend,

  9. so special....... thank you for 5 facts...

    i love your traditions... gotta get a real tree... :)
    love how you put off the gift opening.... LOVE....

    and did you get my email? xo

  10. My holiday decorations have been up since late November - and I love being surrounded by my white lights, glittery snow flakes and shiny trees.Since my children are all grown now, we get together for a Christmas brunch and open our gifts afterwards - that's when we can all be together during the holidays. Luckily, this year, we will all be together the weekend following Christmas so we will have a delayed celebration.

    Love your glowing image and perfect bokeh. And your wonderful traditions.

  11. Love your traditions and love how you used the new texture Kim gave us. I haven't used it yet ... too busy playing with her tag templates. Your photo is truly delightful.

  12. We finally got a real tree this year, and I love it!

  13. I love the smell of a real tree too, got ours today!

  14. Beautiful light on the candle and wonderful bikeh! I love the texture you used!

  15. Lovely traditions, Becs! I put off the gift-opening till the 25th afternoon too. :)
    Lovely candle shot, so warm. Happy weekend.

  16. Have a happy countdown to Christmas. :)


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