Monday, 10 December 2012

Hello Monday

Everything is starting to look a little bit twinkly and festive. We even had our first sprinkling of snow last week.  Just the kind I like - not too much and gone by lunchtime.

This week we're saying:

Hello to some decorating (that poinsettia and the gingerbread village is all we have so far!)
Hello to the school nativity play
Hello to the Christmas ballet show
Hello to playing with some digital art apps (thank you for the inspiration, Kat - follow the link even if you don't have an iphone, she has alternatives for trying it out on your computer)
Hello to participating in Xanthe Berkley's 12.12.12 Time Capsule project - are you in?  There's still time.
Hello to a whole lot of Christmassy crafting

Hello mini mince pies.  This scene is becoming rather common in my kitchen.
Hello cosy evenings in and some Christmas films.  Yay! (can't believe I forgot to record Elf yesterday...)

How about you?  What are you saying hello to?

Happy Monday. :)

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  1. Yes, the Christmas mood is happening here too, but we are getting more than a sprinkling of snow - more like loads of the stuff which gets all slushy in town after the snow plough and the salting of the roads!

  2. Happy Monday, Becs!
    We are getting a lot of rain today, and I am hoping that we will have at least a little snow for Christmas.
    Enjoy the Time Capsule course!

  3. Right now we're saying hello to the flu at this house :( Younger son (who is almost 21) was home for the weekend and came down with a whopping case of it, so I've been nurse..and now hoping that my husband and I don't get it (older one is still at school and not home until the 20th). Other than that we're looking at watching holiday films (Miracle on 34th St. was on last night), decorating the tree and enjoying the moments (other than when someone is hugging the toilet!!). xo

  4. Looking very festive, love this time of year...I just need to get going on presents & deciding what we're eating!

  5. "Oh, it's beginning to look at lot like Christmas..." - what festive fun you have to look forward to this week. My project is learning CS6 - I just upgraded from CS5 - so that means new Photoshop functionality - it's PLAYTIME!


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