Friday, 18 January 2013

Exploring with a Camera

Exploring with a camera is looking at in-camera artistic blur this time around.  Lots of different ways to create this - check out Kat's full post and photographic tips for all the details, but here's what I found in my own photography:

Focus/and movement

This is one of the first shots that I ever took with my dslr.  I was so excited to be able to take my new camera to France but when I saw the results I was so disappointed.  I hadn't realised that when I took my camera out of my bag I had knocked the auto-focus to manual and as I didn't have my glasses with me I blamed my eyesight.  But when I got home all the beach shots were incredibly blurry.  Pretty much all of them went straight in the trash can!  But this one survived.  I love that my daughter is wearing her party skirt on an almost empty beach and actually, in this case, I think the mixture of out-of-focus-and-dancing-on-the-beach kind of works.  It was one of my very first blog posts.

I've had more success using the (intentional!) out of focus method to create pretty bokeh shapes:

Slow Shutter speed

This was taken on my iphone with the slow shutter app, in a moving car just for good measure!  I love light patterns.

This one was also taken on the slow shutter app but relied on my moving the camera from side to side to achieve the blur:

Using my dslr, I took these at Christmas.  When I was a child we had one of these but with angels and it chimed as it went round.  I loved it, but my mum didn't (the chime drove her mad!).  This Christmas she bought me this little Christmas tree one - just as pretty but with no chime.  Everyone was happy. :)


Through a is the only shot of me on our last holiday!  Love the frame the blurry edge makes.

Shooting through

I created the fog effect by breathing on my camera lens.

and finally, shooting through the hazy early evening sun created this:

Lots more examples on Kat's site and from the other link-ups so click through and be inspired. :)


  1. I love your creativity! I often get stuck doing the same thing all the time, so I will have to try some of these things!

  2. These are all wonderful! I love the one of you framed in the reflection. Great idea - breathing to create a foggy lens. What a gorgeous, soft effect. I'll have to try that. Maybe with my iPhone too! Thanks for sharing in Exploring with a Camera this month! Lots of fun!

  3. Becs - great examples of artistic blur! Love that first one of your daughter in her pink skirt, dancing on the beach - whether the blur was intentional or not, this image captured the essence of that moment. And I had to smile at your spinning Christmas trees - we had the one with the angels when I was a child - I haven't thought of it in years - thanks for the memory! Love the selfie with the blurry frame. My favorite is the last one - shot into the hazy evening sun - there is just something so appealing about this shot.

  4. Oh I wouldn't have thought about breathing on the lens to make fog!!! I love the one of your daughter dancing on the beach -- it's wonderful!! And I'm laughing at your mother giving you one of those whirly go rounds -- with no chime and everyone's happy!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Lovely blur shots, breathing on the lens looks fabulously soft & dreamy, & i just love that last shot.

  6. Wonderful and creative images! I love the motion of your daughter dancing on the beach! It's so lovely and captures a very special moment. I'll have to try breathing on my lens, that's a good idea. I have taken one when my lens was fogged over from cold temperatures, although I don't think I kept it! That's a really wonderful self-portrait, well framed!

  7. All good examples! My favourite is the last one through the hazy evening sun in a golden light with long shadows! Nice hyacinth effect, very soft. A fun one of you taking a picture of yourself and so nicely framed!

  8. Isn't this a fun topic? I am enjoying seeing all the different images and learning new ways to blur...and will now add that breathing on the lens to my bag of tricks.

  9. You have such a great variety of approaches to the artistic blur effect.....I like your accidental first shot and the soft focus of your flower shot, but the last one is very special -- it really creates a wonderful mood.

  10. Great selection I love how the blurred effect changes the colour so that they bleed into each other....

  11. Here is yours-I really like the slow shutter images, esp. the first one. Also the Shooting Through and always love those self portraits!


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