Monday, 21 January 2013

Hello Monday

A weekend of snow, ice, more snow.  Pretty and cold. To be honest I'm kind of over it now.  Probably could have stayed on board with it if school had been cancelled but it hasn't been so now it's just getting around in rubbish driving conditions.

Still, we had fun at the weekend.  Snowy the Snowman was created.  He looked pretty awesome for a bit but now looks like a slightly drunk limbo dancer.  The Moo and her friends had a great time pelting daddy with snowballs and she enjoyed a snowy bounce on her trampoline and walks through the woods before coming home to Lego, sewing and hot chocolate.  

I always love the silence of snow.  I just need everything else around me to stop too so I can really enjoy it. :)

This Monday I'm saying:

Hello to lightroom - I've heard great things, I hope they're true!
Hello snow
Hello comfort food - chicken pie and stews, yes please!
Hello watching the little robin in my bird feeder have his breakfast
Hello to the last Beyond Layers session.  It's been a blast, thank you Kim.  
Hello to Beyond Beyond.  More inspiration and creativity. Yay!

What's it like in your part of the world?

Happy Monday. :)

Linking up with  Lisa Leonard.


  1. In my part of the world, it's snowing, just like with you! I like the black and white capture in the snow. I enjoy the peacefulness that snows gives too.

  2. Found you from Lisa's link-up. Looks awfully cold! I live in Southern California, so it's all sunshine and warm temps here this week. (But then again, I don't have a good excuse to eat chicken pot pie, which I love!)

  3. Love the super soft tones you've captured in the top picture Becs and that's a wonderful white building delicately veiled by the trees, is it a 1930's building do you know? I must say Snowy the Snowman looks very dashing in pink :))

    1. Hi Elissa, yes it is a 1930s building. It's such a pretty church. Thank you for stopping by. :)

  4. Oh, I had to smile at your desription of poor Snowy the Snowman - and his current "slightly drunk limbo dancer" pose. There really is something special about the silence of snow, isn't there? Beautiful snowy scene. Have a great week!

  5. Lovely snowy scene and cute Snowy the Snowman, so pretty in pink! :)
    Stay warm and cosy.

  6. I hear you about rubbish driving conditions...that's my true pet peeve about winter and snow. I don't like the dull, grey days but driving in bad conditions or slush just gets to me. I love the snowman and how he now looks like a drunk limbo dancer!! Great description Becs! :)

  7. What a beautiful winter scene this is, Becs!
    Right now, it is bitter cold here, and even though the snow is very pretty, one cannot be outside for too long without getting really uncomfortable. :-(

    I think you will like Lightroom. You can do some really amazing things with it.


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