Friday, 11 January 2013

Iiiiiiit's Friday!

It's Friday (hurrah)!  A few random things I thought I'd share.....

Inspired by Kat, I tried my hand at some iphone art.  I see a new obsession coming on......
Here's the link to my new 365 on flickr.
My favourite link of the week is this fabulous article by Danielle LaPorte (via Susannah Conway).

And that's all!  Have a lovely weekend. :)


  1. Happy Friday to you!!! iPhone art....yes, I think there is new work to be what you did with this photo! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. It is definitely addicting, Becs, especially when you start playing with textures and trees.
    Something about that combination just lends itself to the iPhone.
    This one is beautiful.
    Have fun, and have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Oh, what a wonderful experiment! I am continually jealous of Kat (and now you) and your access to these amazing apps that give such wonderful effects. I love how this tree has been fragmented into pieces, almost as if it has exploded. But it is still recognizable as a tree. Wonderful work.

  4. Cool effect! :)
    I am glad I don't have an iPhone, I have enough addictions already, LOL!
    Happy Sunday! xo

  5. Wow! That is beautiful! I can see why it would be addicting, Becs.

  6. I absolutely love this photograph, Becs.
    Happy Monday to you!

  7. Love this, It's so mysterious! Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork! I don't have an iPhone, but Kat is inspiring me to try settings on my camera to get something similar!!


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