Thursday, 3 January 2013

In the Picture

Last link up with in the picture that completes my 2012 self portrait journey.  The optional theme was celebrate.  I love the holidays and spending time with family and friends but can find it overwhelming too. My shots here celebrate the quiet moments of the holidays.  Time to reflect and absorb.

By the tree 1

By the tree 2: in my favourite outfit (pjs)

The feel of my one word and the possibilities of a fresh start.

Fresh start (processed using starburst from pixel dust photo art)

And, of course, the celebration of my iphone and the vast array of apps which, I must admit, helped on the journey no end.

I've loved this project.  Over 2012 I became comfortable with photographing myself and sharing those photographs.  Sometimes I  can even get a bit creative with them. ;)  I never mastered the jump shot....maybe 2013 is the  year.....

Huge thanks to Christy for hosting the in the picture project.

In The Picture


  1. Lovely selflies, great to complete the 2012 journey- well done.

  2. Great having you as part of the journey Becs. I am glad you enjoyed it. Hope to see you in our flickr group in 2013 if you are up for it! Love your word, "brave".

  3. I love your mug (and pjs!) and I love you in the tree...the shot looking down is so clearly celebratory!

  4. I think you have already lived your 2013 word through your selfie project. Such creativity and bravery!I have so enjoyed "meeting" you each month.

  5. It's so nice to have completed this year of self-portraits, isn't it? I like your mug shot with the Christmas tree in the background which depicts for me a lovely quiet moment in the holiday period, including lounging in pyjamas! I love that too! Celebrating in a quiet way and looking back at your journey.

  6. Congrats on getting comfortable in front of the camera and completing the selfie project! Hope to see more on flicker. I love that last image -- beautiful processing!

  7. I think your holiday selfies reflect the relaxing part of Christmas (you know, when you're not shopping). I'm glad to have taken this trip with you and hope you'll continue in the Flickr pool.
    If you have time-I have an iphone and have yet to explore with the camera. Might you have 3 or 4 suggestions about good aps to try that have worked for you? I kind of have no clue where to start.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Susan, I've loved taking this trip with you too - we made the year, woot woot! Definitely planning on keeping it going in the flickr pool.
      My favourite apps are: snapseed, VSCO and camera awesome for processing. The selfie above is two photos blended together - I like the blender app for that. Hipstamatic is another favourite - lots of different lenses and film-types to choose from.
      Hope that helps, it's really fun! Becs x


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