Thursday, 24 January 2013

Inspired by

The day totally got away from me but at least there was comfort food and laughter in the evening.

I've been playing about with a lot of still life photography lately.  Partly inspired by Beyond Beyond and partly because it has just been too cold and icy to be much fun outside with my camera.  I'm having a lot of fun with the still life photography - and learning so much (I find it really tricky!).  But I also long for the everyday 'capture the moment' photography that got me interested in photography in the first place.  

I think I've mentioned it before, but one of my favourite blogs is Habit.  Habit is a collaborative blog and photos are posted every day with a one line caption underneath that sums up a moment in that person's day.   Sometimes the image is representative of the words, sometimes not.  I love this idea so much.  By sharing a random moment in the day, you feel that you really learn so much about that person without them seeming to reveal very much at all.    I love how the  continuity of that feeling runs through the words and the image.  I also love that none of the photos are staged in any way.  Real life photographed just as it is.  In all it's imperfect loveliness.

And so Habit has become a real influence on my 365.  A few words to go with the image.  No staging (plus it makes it more likely I'll actually do it!), a reflection of home life.  I'm also putting them into a book so that this time next year, I'll have a visual journal of this collection of moments from our everyday life.

So, how about you?  What's inspiring you?

Habit on flickr (which is sometimes opened up for guest posting)

You can follow along with my 365 journey on flickr.


  1. Nothing like comfort food on a cold day and that looks sooooo good! As strange as this might sound, where I am right now, in these days? I'm not allowing anything much to inspire me...I'm looking inside myself for some inspiration. I've been looking outside for a long time and not finding much that is pulling me. So I thought, time to look inwards for a while and see what "I'm" up to. Kind of like you working on your still life photography in a way!

  2. I too am having to find inspiration other than outside. So bitter cold here for many days now.
    Soooo, I have been inspired to make the best of it, and clean up/organize my photo library.
    Truly a daunting chore, but I am making progress. I think! :-)
    Have a great weekend, Becs!

    1. That's really what I should be doing to - my photo library is a big mess. I am hoping my adventures in lightroom will help as I hear the library system is amazing. Here's hoping anyway! Happy weekend to you. :)

  3. "Imperfect loveliness" - something I need to learn to embrace. I love this idea of random moments and capturing them through your words and images. And this looks heavenly!

  4. This looks yummy, Becs! Comfort food in a long dark wet winter day is such a blessing. :)
    Have a lovely Friday and weekend ahead.

  5. Delicious looking!! Capturing everyday moments is something I don't do enough! I'm trying to pay more attention to this year and focus on the moments of my day. Thanks for your encouragement and for the blog link. I'll check it out!


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