Monday, 7 January 2013

{Sort of} Hello Monday

I usually like a perky post of a Monday.  And to be honest I usually feel quite perky on a Monday (aside from the yuck it's Monday thing of course).  The start of the week feels promising, a bit exciting with lots of time to get things done.  Today, though, it feels a bit grey, a bit cold and we are back to the usual routine. Generally I quite like routine.  But today it feels dull and monotonous.  I'm a bit disappointed because I've made plans and lists galore for this year and was so excited to get started.  Perhaps psychologically I am thinking I have to do it all this week (yikes!). It's also partly, I suspect, because I have spent the last couple of weeks thinking 'O, I can sort that out when the holidays are over'.  And now they are.  Properly over. End of procrastination time.  

So, what to do?  I guess the biggest lesson I learnt last year was from Steven Pressfield who simply says, do the work.  No matter how you are feeling, show up and do the work.  I can't say it avoids the dips and the blahs but it really does provide a way through them and whilst you might not be producing your best work, you are at least staying productive and keeping on top of the negativity.

So that's it.  Today I am doing the work, hoping for sunshine and wishing you a happy, productive and blah-free Monday. 

Have a good one. :)


  1. Yes, sometimes it is a case of just doing it, isn't it?
    It can be a difficult thing getting back into the routine of things- hope you have a productive day!

  2. I think it is very common for there to be an emotional let down after the holidays. I was excited to begin another Project 365 - but my images have been uninspired at best. Writing has been like pulling teeth - painful and slow. But as you pointed out, the important thing is to do the work. Love the texture application and point-of-view of this image.

  3. Love the simple rose image.
    I feel perky on Mondays too, especially when I've done the housework on Friday! I even enjoy housework when I tackle small bits at a time and do it consciously! Have you tried uplifting music to chase the blahs away? It really does work!


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