Monday, 4 February 2013

Hello Monday

Hey, look what I found today.  Hello snowdrops!

Deep sigh.  I think spring is on the way.  :) 
[and I'm staying optimistic (/in denial) even though I've just heard a weather report for the rest of the week, ha!].

A few more for this week:

Hello to a certain someone's 7th birthday.  Lots of excitement and preparation going on here.
Hello to building on my Lightroom beginnings.
Hello to reading this. I think it's actually a children's book but it's so refreshing to read a bit of 'real' history.
Hello to making soup.  I actually made chicken stock yesterday after our roast.  Feeling kind of domestic goddess-y....
Hello new week.  You feel cheery with the promise of fun.  Always nice to start the week that way.

How about you?

Happy Monday. :)

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  1. it's so strange to see signs of spring popping up here and there, isn't it?! a little early, but those snowdrops are so sweet :)

  2. oh, and also...happy 7th birthday over there!!!!!!

  3. Snowdrops speak spring...never mind the weather report...they'll survive and still be there if and when snow blows over! And if the book you are enjoying is in fact a children's book, no matter...we are all children at heart aren't we? And if you are enjoying it? That's the only thing that "matters". Wishing your little someone a very happy 7th!!

  4. Am loving the snowdrops...we are quite a way from Spring here, but it's always nice to know it's coming!

  5. Happy Monday, Becs, and oh my, these snowdrops are wonderful!
    Almost all of our snow is gone now (to return, I am sure), so I've been out looking for snowdrops, but no luck yet. Hopefully soon.

  6. Well, if that isn't a sign of spring - the first snowdrops. Although here in Ohio, under a winter weather advisory, with snow on the way - it doesn't look ANYTHING like spring. So I will enjoy your view. Have a cheery week! It sounds like it will be a good one.


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