Monday, 11 February 2013

Hello Monday

Phew, it's been busy, busy, busy round here as the Moo turned 7.  (7???!!).

She had a St Clare's themed party.  Remember Enid Blyton's St Clare's series, with the O'Sullivan twins?  Everyone came to the party in their pjs for the great midnight feast birthday tea (at 4pm...)! 

and of course the Moo was head girl:

A great time was had by all, although it is extraordinary quite how much noise seven 7 year olds can make!

This Monday we're saying:

Hello to sleepy heads this morning :)
Hello to a bit of a clear up and catch up
Hello to one more week til half term, yay!
Hello to a very minor, but very unexpected, smatter of snow today
Hello to lots of birthday cake to eat, yum!
Hello to pancake day tomorrow
and hello to Valentine's day on Thursday.   We're planning a quiet night but I'm cooking something special for dinner. What do you do for Valentine's? 

Have a great week. :)

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  1. Nicely decorated birthday cake for your daughter! It is said that seven is the age of reason. You will see if that's true!
    Pancakes for lunch for me tomorrow too, I'm meeting my grown-up daughter at a special pancake restaurant where they do real crêpes from Brittany!
    Valentines? It sounds like chocolate cake time!

  2. Glad it was a wonderful 7 year old birthday_ the cake looks gorgeous.

  3. This must have been so much fun.
    My kids are older now, and I really do miss the birthday parties.
    I love that cake!

    A very Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!!!

    Have a great day ahead, Becs.

  4. How fun and what a gorgeous cake! :)
    A very Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

  5. What a fun-filled birthday - so creative and special! I'm sure she will have fond memories of this day forever.

  6. Smashing theme for the party Becs and that cake looks gorgeous. Bet those 7 year olds couldn't help but have a great time. Was there 'lashings of ginger beer' on tap, or perhaps lemonade was served instead?

    Same here for Valentines, a quiet night, a special dinner and a box of Thornton's Continental might appear if I drop enough hints between now and Thursday.

    1. I think Enid Blyton would be rather horrified to learn that we substituted ginger beer with fruit shoots!

  7. I think that may be one of the prettiest cakes I've ever seen. Are those butterflies edible? I've never heard of the St. Clare's series of books. I wonder if they're available in the USA. I'll have to look! It sounds like a wonderful party. Happy Birthday to the Moo!

    1. Thank you, Lee. Yes the butterflies are edible (rice paper I think) - they are not delicious (as I was told in no uncertain terms!) but they are edible. :) I think St Clare's is available via Amazon in the States. They're very sweet boarding school stories from the 1950s - very traditional. I remember loving them as a child too. I love that they've captured the Moo's imagination as well.

  8. Sounded like your Moo had a wonderful birthday! The cake is gorgeous (suppose that would really be "was" by this point!). Pancakes tomorrow for us as well, and nothing special at all for Valentines Day. Neither of us has ever been "big" on that so it will be "just another day".

    1. Haha, yes..definitely past tense now. The cake was delicious!


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