Monday, 25 February 2013

Hello Monday

We got a bonus half term day today (yay!) so had some fun in old London town.  And it was really fun...though I'm now behind in everything so I'm saying..

Hello to fun today
Hello to Lightroom catch up (luckily I'm still in love so it's no hardship!)
Hello to healthy eating....back to South Beach, and not a minute too soon!
Hello yoga.  It's been on my resolution list to resume my yoga practice since the beginning of the year.  Did you know you can download free video podcasts on itunes?  Seriously, I have no excuses left. ;)
Hello postcard ordering - have you signed up to Liberate your Art yet? It's not too late...
Hello to choosing a new book - anyone got any suggestions?  I'm quite tempted by The Beginner's Goodbye by Anne Tyler....
Hello routine.

How about you?

Happy Monday. :)

Linking up with Lisa Leonard.


  1. Love this photos, love all the red.

  2. Happy Monday, Becs!
    Love this photograph.

  3. Happy Monday -- and how wonderful to have a bonus half day! My postcards are ready to pop in the mail...I'm looking forward to the swap!! Lots of things to do on your "to do" list! I'm enjoying having my younger son home this week from college for reading week (though how much reading will be done is questionable!).

  4. I love the repetitive red patterns - in both the lanterns and the posts along the sidewalk. Great processing - giving this a fun vintage, retro feel. Best of luck with your catch-up - although it sounds like the extra fun was definitely worth it.


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