Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Knowing What you Love

This year, I'm working through Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  This was originally recommended in Beyond Layers but I held off buying it - I couldn't really justify it and it is big and a yearbook (shouldn't I start in January?) and, and, and.....And then I was in my local charity shop just before Christmas and there it was for a £1.  Messaged received.

I'm really enjoying it - it's about a page a day so entirely manageable.  And although much of it is not new, I find I need constant reminders about gratitude, simplicity, living mindfully, self care and so on to keep me on track.  Last week, though this passage really sprung out at me and has had me thinking ever since:

It should be straightforward, this knowing what we love.  But it seldom is.  After decades of letting other people influence us - the media, the magazines, our mothers, our friends - we're going to have to go cold turkey.  The only opinion that counts from now on is your own.

It's ridiculous, but I realise that I struggle with this all the time.   I feel like I am swayed by all those things and as a result, spend a lot of time comparing myself (unfavourably, I might add).  So what is it that I truly love?

I am starting with the advice in the book - creative excursions with a notebook.  Go with my gut, notice what jumps out at me. Note them down.  Maybe add a little to my pinterest boards. Little pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of me.

A couple of years ago I read Style Statement by Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte, which is well worth a look if you're struggling with this too (it's not just about clothes!).  I think it's time I revisited it too.

So, how about you?  Do you know what you love?


  1. I know I love your photo Becs :)
    I know this is spooky reading your post now, as just today I downloaded Simple Abundance to my Kindle. I love that!
    I know I'm a maverick and I know I love being so
    I know I love going my own way in life
    I know I love my family above everything else.

    I know that's five I knows and I'm grateful for them all today. Now does that count as completing my Gratitude Journal for the day do you think?

    1. That definitely counts as your gratitude journal done for the day! How funny that you've just downloaded Simple Abundance - let me know what you think and what's jumping out at you. :)

  2. I'm fickle - what I love can change from day to day (other than the people that I love...). I've read all of Sarah Ban Breathnach's books and love them all. Every now and again I'll re-read...I think maybe that would be a good project to get me through to the end of this cold winter! xo

  3. This is something that I struggle with as well - really KNOWING what it is that I love. And remembering each day to be mindful. I've put Simple Abundance on hold at the library.

  4. Gosh, I'm not sure I know what I love at this point! I love the quote about how we allow the external world to influence us! I've been feeling that a lot lately!
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I feel I'm not alone :)
    With love

  5. Thank you for visiting me, this is why I practise yoga above all other forms of exercise I know this is the one I 'love', same with photography it is my art. I went through art school where so many 'disciplines' were presented to me, at first I struggled on my path thinking photography was not 'real art' but nothing else captures my passion like noticing the sparkles in life and shooting, then perhaps arting around with the results.

    Nice to meet you here. x

  6. I struggle with the silliest things trying to fit in. I just bought new glasses...picked what I liked (after I asked the guy if they were in style). Now, I'm second guessing myself as I wait for them to be made! What if everyone thinks they're out of style? What if no one likes them? Will I look dorky in them? The smallest things can cause me so much stress! I need to value my opinion more. You know I liked the glasses, I made the choice, and I will enjoy them! Thanks, Becs, I needed your words today!

  7. It was almost 20 years ago that I first encountered Simple Abundance and it truly did bring me "comfort & joy." I can remember reading each day's entry while sitting in up bed, just before going to sleep each night. I was going through MAJOR changes in my life and her ideas and soothing voice helped me begin to see myself in a new light...and, yes, to discover what I loved!


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