Monday, 11 March 2013

Hello Monday

As I sit here the wind is blowing and it is snowing.  Yes, it seems spring is determined to ignore my beseeching note from Friday.  So, I'm playing it cool now.  Whatever, spring, whatever.

This Monday, I'm saying:

Hello snow
Hello (yet another) attempt at meditation.  I am so bad at this but I am giving this 21 day programme a go - it's free! (via Susannah Conway)
Hello thinking about some Easter decorations  - we need all the colour we can get!  Thinking about one of these decorated branches (if I can steel myself for the egg blowing.....).  By the way, did you know Martha Stewart has an egg dying app?!!
Hello to a theatre trip at the weekend (yay!)
Hello to some family time
Hello to sending my postcards off for Liberate your Art.  Are you participating?
Hello to trying some of these natural beauty ideas.  I love the idea of a natural beauty regime but haven't found anything that actually works so far.  Maybe this is it....
Hello to trying to see with new eyes.  So tired of winter but it seems it's back, so the challenge is on to find the beauty and see what me and my camera can capture.

What about you?  What are you saying hello to?

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  1. I'm so sorry to see that bit of snow you're having...but while it was amazing here this weekend (temps reached 19c yesterday!) with plenty of blue sky and sunshine, it's back to dull and grey today and we're not out of the snow zone yet - we could have one or two more before the end of April. But it was lovely to soak up that sunshine yesterday, get all that natural vitamin D and be outdoors without a coat!! It's coming really is.

    I sent off my postcards for Liberate Your Art last week and can't wait until the cards begin arriving...thanks for sharing that here otherwise I'd not have known about it!

    Interesting alternatives in the natural product line for beauty and skin care. Thinking back, it's what our ancestors would have done for washing hair and cleansing. Mind you, they didn't bathe regularly or wash their hair regularly "back in the old days" but they also didn't have pollutants and other gunk in the air that needed to be controlled. Let us know what you try and how it works!

    Here is to a happy week Becs! xoxo

  2. I was wondering why you had sprinkled snow on the leaves above and realized it was snow!! In the meantime, I've looked at the British weather and the cold snap which is howling around all over the place! The Deepak and Oprah link sounds interesting. I've just put my name down!
    Don't mind about the snow, just do lovely snug things and enjoy those!

  3. Shame that it's snowing, just remember that spring will arrive :)

  4. Becs - yeah, I think playing it cool is the way to go at this point. Ha! We don't need spring - we shall take wonderful photos, gray or not! So there! (Hope that works :)

  5. wonderful hellos in your life :)

    i'm doing liberate your art too...must get busy with those postcards ;)
    and blowing eggs isn't too bad...a bit of a hassle, especially if you're doing a lot...but it's so nice to be able to save them!
    {i can't believe m.s. has an app for that!}


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