Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear Inspiration,

I am on the look out for you.  You seem to have abandoned me.  Temporarily, I hope.

I had a conversation during the week where I was reminded of the importance of 'filling the well'.

I haven't done a lot of that lately.

I'm sorry.  Can we start again?

Love, Me.

Wishing you a happy and inspiring weekend. :)


  1. Oh yes, we are most definitely on the same page Becs. I too am filling my soul is still trying to catch up with where I am right we would both benefit by stopping, giving our inspiration and our soul time to catch up and then we can take a drink to refill the well. Here is to our internal well being! Happy weekend! xo

  2. Becs - I love these letters that you write - they express so much in so few words. And I can so relate to that feeling of inspirational abandonment. I hope you can spend your weekend filling your well and that creativity and inspiration will return again from their current hiding place.

  3. Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with relaxing and rejuvenating moments!!

  4. I've often wished for inoculations for intangibles such as inspiration and creativity. Sadly, I haven't found this on offer anywhere!--how can that be? Anyway, I'm sending a little bit of online fairy dust your way, hoping that it will help you recover your muse.

  5. so sad when creativity takes a vacation! she should at last give some notice! we must be on the same wavelength, because i wrote a letter to perfectionism last night. :)

  6. Inspiration can be so fleeting can't it?

  7. What a sweet letter. :)
    I'm sure your inspiration will be back soon with the nice spring weather (raining here, but I am hopeful!). :D
    Happy Monday!


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