Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Just Be

Inspired by my yoga lesson today (I finally made it!), these are the wise words that spoke to me today.

Won't you join me?

Take a moment.  Soak them in.  Just be.

And breathe.

Doesn't that feel better?

Happy Tuesday. :)

Image processed using Kim Klassen textures add some noise 1 and the veil.
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  1. I'm glad that you made it to yoga! And these words are very clear, very meaningful. I will definitely join you! xo

  2. Wise, wise words with a beautiful, inspiring image - full of springtime pink.

  3. Beautiful! So soft and serene. I love the quote.

  4. Pretty picture; wise words, indeed!

  5. Wonderful soft image.


  6. It does, indeed, Becs!
    What a beautiful photograph this is, and I love the quote.

  7. Love the pastel pinks. Truly wise words and good reminder that all we have to do is just 'be happy'.

  8. Beautiful image! So soft and pretty! I needed these words today, very much! Thank you!

  9. Wise words, Becs, I should "just be" more often. Thank you! :)
    Glad you made it to yoga. How is it? I was considering it to manage this stressful period. I've never tried it before... does it help?
    Have a a lovely Friday and weekend ahead. :)

    1. Hi Kia, Sorry you're having such a stressful period. I love yoga - have done it on and off for a few years - but I think it's really important to find a teacher you like. I do it mainly for flexibility but do find it very relaxing. There are lots of different types around and I'm no expert so I'd have a look round at your local classes and chat to the teacher before you go/do a trial class before you sign up. Have a lovely weekend. :)

  10. Good thoughts here to compliment a terrific photo. I like the angle you've chosen as well as how the image fills the frame.

  11. looove this - that quote has been one of my very favorites for a few years now. <3

  12. Lovely quote...lovely image:)


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