Friday, 3 May 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear Week,

Well, firstly I'd like to thank you for the sunshine.  Very needed and very much appreciated.  Thank you.

Other aspects have been a little trickier.  This term is not so easy for a little girl who's isn't really into sport or performing.   No school yesterday and a trip to the Natural History Museum made things a little easier.

I'm thankful this is a bank holiday weekend - especially as sunshine is promised ALL weekend. :)
I'm off to bake a cake for an after school treat and clean the house so that we can all kick back and relax this weekend.

Happy weekend.

Love, Me


  1. Beautiful architecture, I love how you've captured it with the sun shining! Wishing you a lovely day!

  2. Blogger was being difficult this morning and my comment wouldn't load, so I'm going to try again. Wishing you all a lovely long holiday weekend!

  3. What an amazing building. By its architecture, it looks perfect for a history museum. And, of course, the sunshine and bright blue skies put it at it's very best. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. What absolutely AMAZING architecture - what I wouldn't give to experience it, with camera in hand. Love the slice of blue, blue sky - highlighted by that contrail. Hope it has been a great weekend.

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