Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear You,


A letter of randomosity today.

Firstly, my wardrobe experiment failed.  It is freezing here.  It's official.  I cannot live without jeans.

Secondly, I have messed up my readers.  I started by going to bloglovin.  Changed my mind and went to feedly.  Haven't really mastered or fallen in love with either.  I don't have time to check my reader every day.  With google I could see when there were other unread posts when I clicked on a blog.  I can't do this with the others (I don't think.  I am quite  And impatient.). I feel like I'm missing loads of good stuff.  Any suggestions?

Thirdly.  Rubbish weather.  I know.  Blah blah blah.   But I'm fed up of it.

Hmmm.  This letter is not very uplifting so far.  So here's the good:

Firstly, it's Friday today.  Yay!

Secondly,  I have an evening of friends and craft planning this evening.  Double yay!

Thirdly, I bought this magazine yesterday.  Have never picked it up before but it's really good.  Proper articles, good photography and subject matter which doesn't make me feel bad about myself.  Win!

So, how about you?  How was your week?

Happy weekend. :)

Love, Me


  1. Let me know when you find a good blog reading solution. I am using Feedly, but I still prefer Google reader. Have a great time crafting tonight. I tried wearing jeans less this week, thinking of you :)

    1. Hi Sarah, not sure if you've seen Michele's comment below but I'm going to give the old reader a try - will let you know. I love that you tried wearing jeans less this week....and I bet you did better than me! Happy weekend. :)

  2. Love this carpet of flowers. Enjoy your night of crafting with friends - I assume you'll be wearing jeans? :) Can't help with the reader issues - I simply use the Feed capabilities within my email client - it sends me only the updated posts so I always know what is new and unread.

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

    1. Hi Brenda..yup, wearing jeans (hanging head in shame)! Don't you get masses of emails doing it that way? Wishing you a fabulous weekend too. :)

  3. Try The Old Reader for your feeds--It's most like Google Reader with none of the fancy extras. Just plain and simple feeds. And you can import the ones you've already got. --Michele at Sweet Leaf

    1. Oh, thanks Michele. Will definitely give that a go. x

  4. Goodness...I hope warmer weather comes to your neighborhood soon; it's definitely overdue!

    As for the reader dilemma, I tried several including The Old Reader, bloglovin', the WordPress reader, and one or two others. I've finally settled, I think, on Feedly. I like the view options it provides (just a plain listing like Google Reader plus several magazine-type layouts) and its "save for later" feature (in a post you want to access at some point in the future, you click the "save for later" icon and the post is saved in a different section of Feedly). The only thing I don't like about Feedly is that it doesn't work with Internet Explorer so I'm also having to learn about Firefox. Wishing you the best finding a solution that works for you...

  5. Becs, I'm using Feedly, and I really like it.
    It takes some getting used to, because it is quite different from Google Reader.
    I just keep a tab open for it in my browser, and check it from time to time.
    Since only blogs that I follow are in it, those are the only ones that show up, and then I know if someone I follow has posted something new.

    Happy Sunday to you!


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