Monday, 10 June 2013

Hello Monday

Hello Monday.

I'm so not ready for you.

And broken coffee pots do not make for a good start.

But let's give it a go.

Hello week.


Hello to you. :)


  1. Hello, Becs! I like to think if the day doesn't start out good it can only get better! Have a great one!

  2. Beautiful poppy! Some days start out a little challenging. I sprayed the butter with coffee grounds when pushing down my French Press coffee pot over the weekend! Wishing you a smoother rest of the week!

  3. Days that start with a challenge don't make you feel "great" do they? But you're ready to give it a go -- here is to a better day and a great week! xo

  4. Hi, Becs! I was going to say what Cathy did. I hope the rest of your day has gone better.
    PS - there's always tea! :-)

  5. Oh no, bad enough it's Monday but to face it with no coffee. Grrr. Hope your week gets better FAST. :)

  6. Wow! What an amazing explosion of intense and saturated color! I hope the broken coffeepot is the only bad thing that happens this week and it's all good from here.

  7. If the celebration of color you show is any indication, then I'm sure you will prevail even over a rough start to the week.

  8. I loved this photo when I saw it on instagram- such beautiful colours! Hope you week is shaping up ok :)


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