Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear Summer,

You were AWESOME.  I am really, really sorry to see you go.  We had such a lot of fun, I loved every second.  I am kind of missing it.  The house is really, really quiet.  And whilst my to do list is massive, I'm really struggling for the motivation to do anything about it.

Big sigh.

So summer, let's do it again next year, kay?  You have to promise to be like this one (weather-wise at least, I can take care of the rest ;).

Thank you for being so fabulous.

Love, Me


  1. This photo has a beautiful relaxed feel to it!

  2. A lovely image for end of summer. It's very quiet here as well (and even at night as my husband is working long overtime hours after a company takeover and he coaches children's hockey too) and my to-do list never gets "smaller". But I'm savouring these moments right now, adjusting to the change and soaking up the "me" time before I get busy with all the other things that always need to be done. Hope your Moo has had a good start to her new school year. Enjoy the weekend Becs.

  3. What a lovely and heartfelt good-bye to that wondrous summer season. Love this golden image of row upon row of boats, empty and waiting. I hope you can enjoy the quiet. For me, the hardest part about facing a massive to-do list is simply beginning - once I start on something it usually takes on a life of its own.

  4. I hope to hang onto Summer for a little while yet, just with less crowds of summer people.

  5. Summer in our part of Florida is too hot and humid to be truly enjoyable, but I must admit this summer was more relaxing than others I can remember. For one thing I enjoyed my brief participation in August Break (thanks to you and Brenda for promoting it)--too bad my vacation came to an end and with that, the time and energy to continue. Still, it's something I will look forward to for next year.

    For today though, I'm glad to see your "Friday letter" again as I do enjoy this series.

    1. Hi Wanda, I loved August break too and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to next year. :) and thank you for your kind words about "Friday's Letter". I love this series and it's lovely to hear that you do too. x

  6. Beautiful peaceful scene! I love the curved bridge in the background! It still FEELS like summer here. It was 101 today!

  7. I'm ready for a slow descent from summer into fall...


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