Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday's Letter

a little bit of fence friday too....

Dear Blog,

Summer was great (see last week's letter) and I loved August Break.  To be honest, blog, I'm quite surprised because I did still really miss you.   I didn't fully appreciate it before but writing posts really connects me to how I am feeling (even when the post is not directly about how I feel).  I also hadn't appreciated how much my photos are a reflection of that too.  Most of my August break pictures were scheduled in advance and I really notice the loss of connection looking back now.

When I started you I used to read about bloggers who plan their posts in advance, write the majority of posts at the weekend and just put 'finishing touches' to their posts before hitting publish.  I used to really fret about the fact that I am totally unable to plan and run my blog like that.  I rarely have any idea what I'm going to blog about pretty much until I start typing!

But maybe that's OK.  I guess you are really my online journal of my works in progress (myself as much as my images and writing!).  I think I'm too far along to change how I do it anyway.   I've always said I would give up blogging if it ever felt like a chore and I think the planning aspect would make it in to one.  On the flip side of that, I wanted to let you know that you are kind of great and I really, really like you.  
Let's keep going, kay?

Love, Me


  1. I love this- it's a bit how i feel about my blog. I really like the way that you write these lettesr :)

  2. I think we all have to find what works best for each of us. I am one of those who schedules things in advance, following a set posting schedule - I get really uncomfortable and anxious when I don't have something written for the future. But you did touch on a point that I have noticed - sometimes the words written days or weeks ago don't necessarily reflect what I might be feeling at the moment the post is published. But I'm not very good at "winging it", so this system works best for me.

    I for one am glad that you and your blog will be around for a while :)

  3. As much as I enjoyed my brief participation in August Break, almost all my posts included at least a few words--I couldn't help myself! And, as the month went along, I found when I visited other blogs that I missed the words that usually accompany an image. The glimpse of personality and emotion they reveal about the person, the situation, the photo, etc., are an important part of the experience for me.

    I have a small collection of draft posts that for whatever reason I didn't post. Sometimes the idea didn't mature, sometimes the time wasn't right. But I go back to those every now and again and find that they really aren't all that bad, and I have been able to rework one or two of them into something post-worthy. So now I never hit the "delete" button--I just add it to my list of drafts because it might one day be just the inspiration I need.

  4. Wonderful post Becs. There have been times when I have pre-written and scheduled a post, but that's usually because I am going to be absent for one reason or another. But I can say I feel like you do -- August Break was great but halfway through I needed to get back to writing and doing what it is that I do with my blog. You can speak volumes with a photograph but it doesn't necessarily offer the feeling of connection and voice that our words do.

    I'm glad that you feel this connection with your journal/'s always such a treat to come here and visit.

  5. I totally agree I could never plan and type all my blog posts on the weekend and then schedule posting of them. I am very much in the moment, when I finish a post I love the thrill of pushing the publish button. No matter what day or time it is. The only thing I wish is that I wrote more, many weeks that just doesn't work out.


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