Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday's Letter

Dear Negativity,

I hear you.  Really I do.  Loud and clear.  And never more so than when I am doing something associated with my creative business.

So here's how yesterday went (in case you've forgotten).  Trying to build Catching Sundust Photography's facebook page (for the second day, sheesh it's complicated....or I'm too old....) and I hear you.  Why are you bothering?  Who will be interested in this?  In your art?  In you?  Honestly, negativity, I am getting used to you and I ploughed on through.  But it is exhausting.

Later on  picking up my ipad and cruising through some blogs and pinterest, cosmic balance worked a little magic and I was reminded of the following:

Nobody cares, do it anyway.  I love this quote.  I can't remember who said it (Henry MaCleod? Seth Godin?) but YES.

This rather awesome article on the Motivation Myth at Kind Over Matter.  Do it anyway.

And this article When Things Don't Sell by Tiffany Han.   My favourite part is this
The success of your business has nothing to do with your success as a human being.

So, take that negativity.  I have respectfully chosen to ignore you.  I am creative, I love the creative process.  And whilst I would like my creative business to be a success as Tiffany Han points out, its success (or otherwise) is not a reflection of me as a human being.

My choice remains to do it anyway.

Love, Me

Here's the link to Catching Sundust Photography's facebook page.  I would love you to take a look and 'like it' if you do.   A big thank you to those who already have.

Happy weekend. :)


  1. That is the way to speak to negativity, I've just liked yo on facebook- go you X

  2. I love your speak for so many of happens often. But we have to keep going and moving forth -- and do it anyway! Happy weekend, you warrior woman you! xo

  3. Congrats to you on saying "no" to negativity. I think you've just joined a long line of people who decided to "do it anyway" and, as a result, made the world a better place. You will never know if you don't start--so now you've taken the first step. Good luck!

  4. Becs love your post it's such a battle fighting demons thanks for the links and quotes

  5. First of, I think it's complicated :-)
    I really admire you Becs! Just gorgeous how you tackle that negativity! I've often thought about setting up an Etsy store, thought also about a Facebook page (although I'm seldom on FB, as I don't like it so much), but I've got stuck in the thinking... you did all those things, that's really fantastic! And I liked your FB page :-)

    1. Thank you, Rosie. It's so easy to get stuck in the thinking - I was there for a long time too. Honestly, I would say just go for it. :)

  6. You GO, Becs!!1
    And by the way, I think your work is just beautiful!

  7. Oh my - this quote seems like it is talking right to me - thank you for sharing it.

    And a fist pump from me - good for you, giving old negativity the boot!

  8. Agreed. Down with that negativity (but it's so hard). Thanks for sharing your feelings. You are not alone. xo

  9. Great post! And, yes, if we just could ignore negativity.

  10. Clearly, you are NOT too old! Congrats on your new Facebook page - I like you and I just Liked it, too. :-)


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