Friday, 18 October 2013

Dear Friday

Dear Life,

Always, always a work in progress.  I have a tendency to forget that.  Especially when the messy outweighs the beauty.

And so, things have come full circle. The messages have been filtering down through many channels and culminated just now as I opened up Liz Lamoreux's newsletter which contained an invitation to take a moment to notice the messy in one hand and the beauty in the other.

It's always a balance. Often I don't get it right.  But I have the tools.  The tools to slow down, take notice, ask for support and help.  To get back to the beauty and the joy.

Here's to yes, Life.

Love, Me.

Happy weekend. :)


  1. The messy and the beautiful ... I like that. And having a balance between the two...sometimes it isn't easy, sometimes one outweighs the other but it's it nice knowing that they are both there when we are seeking that blissful balance? Happy weekend my friend xo

  2. It's a good thing that there's always beauty if you take the time to look. Lovely image x

  3. Oh, I like that thought - the idea of holding both the messy and the beautiful - and the balance we struggle to maintain between both. YES!

  4. Beautiful image! Great reminder to try and balance our messy and beautiful life!

  5. Good advice. It is easy to become so overwhelmed by the messy that we end up missing simple everyday beauty.


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