Friday, 22 November 2013

Friday's Letter

Love this quote - one of Danielle La Porte's Truthbombs shared this week.

Dear Planner,

I really can't believe we are nearing December already.   I was just thinking about the year - wondering where it had gone mainly as I sit here contemplating Christmas shopping - and I remembered the list I wrote of things I was going to do this year.

About this time last year, I got one of those 'fill this in and you'll have an amazing year' type diaries.  It includes a list of 100 (!) things to do.  Now, maybe I was a bit ambitious in my listings (even then I could only think of 71!) - and of those 71 things I have done...drumroll please...26.  Hmmmm.

To be honest, I don't know how I thought I'd have either the time or money for some of the things on the list, but I got sucked in to the 'think big to manifest amazing things' way of thinking.   It all feels a bit disheartening now and yet I have achieved a lot this year.  Obviously not quite as much as I planned (ahem) - but still, a lot.  And my thighs are probably thanking me that I didn't get round to making cinnamon rolls or macarons so let's look on the bright side of that at least.

And now I'm left wondering about how best to set my goals for next year.  Clearly a giant, overly-ambitious list does not work for me.  I want to be intentional but I want to be flexible and realistic.  And I need to avoid the 'I've written this down which means I've pretty much done it and can now ignore it' way of thinking that I have a tendency to fall in to.

So, planner, I'm afraid you didn't really cut it for me this year.   We need a rethink.

Any ideas?

Love, Me

How about you?  Do you plan?  Please share what works for you, I'd love to know. :)

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  1. Great quote! :) I used to write an overly-ambitious list every New Year's Day, and forget about it as soon as Easter arrived. ;)
    Have a lovely weekend, Becs.

  2. I've never been a big fan of over ambitious because of the reasons you've can lead to disappointment and feeling disheartened. And all the things you accomplished this year likely weren't on your list so don't discount those ones -- I think they'll be the ones you remember. xo

  3. I hear your girlfriend. I did that TOO BIG and ambitious list for my birthday a couple years ago. This year I scaled back and made it more for over a longer period of time. I plan to state fewer things but things that I really want to do in the coming year.

  4. I have always been a planner in my work life but not with my creative life. Sometimes I think I am avoiding making that "creative goals" list. Without goals, then there can be no failure - and I really, really hate to fail. Will be interesting to read what you come up with for 2014.

  5. It's all very interesting isn't it? I'm not a big goal planner because of that reason, I feel disappointed if i don't do it.
    Maybe it's better to break it down into 12 months, eg in January I'll go for a walk every day, each week in February I'll bake something new, in March I'll experiment with film photography..etc. It might work :)
    I think I might do that next year.

  6. I've started several large projects this year, but I don't think I've finished any of them. I think my problem is that I like the idea of the next big project better than the thought of the hard work to finish the ones I've already started (because lack of progress is a sign that I encountered an unexpected problem or that the project is less rewarding than anticipated).

    BUT...I think it's more important to celebrate accomplishment than to worry about what didn't get done. You did 26 things off your list--good for you! And I'm willing to bet that you did a lot of other things that weren't on that original list. And if we can go by the content of your blog, it appears you've had a very successful year.


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