Monday, 11 November 2013


Sometimes I can't shake that feeling.  That one when you show up, open hearted but feel invisible.  On good days I can shrug it off and know that showing up, open hearted is enough.  But some days the invisibility is heavy.  Too heavy to shake off, threatening to crush me.

Today I choose enough.

Edited to add:  I wrote this post last night.  This morning,  this post by Donald Miller is the first thing I read.  It sounded an awfully familiar story (right up until he went and spoke to the gentlemen as they go off the plane!) and definitely provided a new perspective.

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{Day 11: NaPhoPoMo}


  1. Excellent article Becs...and it does give a new perspective...we don't always know the whole story and we tend to take what is happening around us pesonally -- we all do this. I'm glad that you've decided who you are and what you do is "enough". Because is and you are xo

  2. Showing up, open-hearted is all we can really do, isn't it? Thanks for the article link - something to really think about. Love your selfie - I just bought a remote shutter release for my camera - I am toying with the selfie project idea, for the winter months. Don't know if I will have the nerve to do it but I thought I would at least invest in the equipment.

  3. I've been there so many times, feeling less because of what I thought others thought without knowing the whole story. Thanks for the link with it's gentle reminder that things are not always as them seem. I love your image...very beautiful!

  4. Becs, it can be hard to shake that invisible feeling at times, but changing the way we look at the words & actions of others can be helpful, as well as our attitude towards our own circumstances. Interesting article, i thought & I think we all have times when we don't think that we are valued.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this, Becs! It sounds so familiar to me, too...
    I love your photo, btw!!


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