Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ordinary Days

We are back to grey today.  So I have been seeking colour where I can in this little space of mine.  We are back to regular routines and although I hate the transition, there is something comforting and familiar in the return.

These are the images which are today's ordinary for me:

Yellow splash
On my desk 1
On my desk 2
On my desk 3

Sending you some mid-week love for your ordinary days.


  1. Beautiful ordinary. I'm looking forward to a return to routine, there's something lovely about ordinary.

  2. All super lovely, colorful images! The yellow and blue, one of my favorite combinations. I am beginning to forget what the sun looks like. Thanks goodness for photography to help me focus on something besides the gray.

  3. Lovely bits of color! I love your sunshiney yellow tulip! We had a few peaks of sunshine yesterday and every little bits helps!

  4. The yellow tulip and matching yellow strip on the vase really caught my eye - such a cheerful image, a nice antidote to grey-day blahs.

  5. I actually love routine and ordinary days. And I love DMC floss - there is just something so beautiful about its silkiness and color - and its potential for creating something wondrous.

  6. It's a shame I didn't stop by at mid-week because I seriously needed the encouragement you offer here. January, so far, has been consumed by long hours at work punctuated by worry whether we would meet the necessary deadline. We did (yeah) and now I'm able to make the rounds of some of my favorite blogs--yours included, of course.

  7. It's grey here, too, Becs, so I loved seeing the colours in your photos! I admire how you manage to take photos of the ordinary in such a beautiful way!
    Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully with a bit of sun, too!

  8. I love blue and yellow and your first shot is just awesome...Really brightens up a grey day....


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