Friday, 21 February 2014

Dear Friday


Dear Universe,

Aw, c'mon.  I braved up...and I mean really braved up and now there seem to be so many obstacles in my way.  Obstacles that I am having trouble overcoming.  Especially as many of them require other people to do things before I can move forward.

I guess I've been spoilt by the creatively supportive environment of this virtual space which makes this new problem something of a curve ball.

Oh well, it makes a change from my usual, internal battle of creative resistance.

And at least the snowdrops (and the sun!) are out, so thank you for that.

Happy Friday.

Love, Me

Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday's Letter

(created in Noteworthy)

Dear Pinterest,

I love you.  But I must stop.

Before I do, here are my top 3 pins from this week.

The Gap video.  A must for all creatives.

This vintage dress by Moschino - valentine perfection.

This print by Emily McDowell.

There are (a lot) more over on my pinterest boards if you're looking for distraction  inspiration too.  Enjoy. :)

But for now, pinterest, au revoir.

Love, Me

Are you on pinterest?  I'd love to see your favourite pin(s) of the week (month, year...) - leave me a link. :)
Because, you know, that will really help me stop.....
Seriously, though, we all need inspiration......
I am pretty sure that is scientific fact......
I'm sure I can find a  pin to support that......

OK, I can justify this if you leave me a link in the comments.  That way I'm just clicking on an inspiration link.  You know, research.

So go on, leave me a link. ;)

Happy Friday and happy valentines.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Daffodil love

A welcome splash of yellow on (another) grey rainy day.

A love letter to spring.

And a little wish for it to hurry up.

Image processed using Kim Klassen texture sonnet 2.
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Monday, 10 February 2014


The bookshop

My book-loving, Harry Potter mad, writing-loving, piano-playing, Lego-loving girl turns 8 today.

We spent the weekend having some fun in London.  Here she is at the bookshop reading the next instalment of Harry Potter.  I had to dissuade her from buying it before she'd received her birthday gifts but I think she would have stood there and read the whole thing if I'd let her.

We also saw the musical Matilda.  If you haven't seen it, you MUST go!  We all agreed it was the best musical ever.

Happy Monday to you and happy birthday to my girl. :)

Photo taken on iphone and processed with the waterlogue app.

Thursday, 6 February 2014


pink-rose pale-pink-rose rose-b&W

Playing about in lightroom and photoshop for Beyond Beyond.  So many possibilities and so many feels to the different treatments.

Happy Thursday. :)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Coming soon

spring dreams

I live in my own little world.  But it's OK, they know me here.
Lauren Myracle

I have a little bunch of spring on my table and the sun is shining but we're not quite there yet.  The house is still filled with the wintery comfort smell of casserole and I am planning sewing projects with my newly relearned machine skills.

It's a strange in-betweeny feeling but this lovely splash of yellow and blue is a good reminder that we'll be there soon.

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Image processed using Kim Klassen textures musiclovin and plastersquared.

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