Friday, 21 February 2014

Dear Friday


Dear Universe,

Aw, c'mon.  I braved up...and I mean really braved up and now there seem to be so many obstacles in my way.  Obstacles that I am having trouble overcoming.  Especially as many of them require other people to do things before I can move forward.

I guess I've been spoilt by the creatively supportive environment of this virtual space which makes this new problem something of a curve ball.

Oh well, it makes a change from my usual, internal battle of creative resistance.

And at least the snowdrops (and the sun!) are out, so thank you for that.

Happy Friday.

Love, Me


  1. oh dear, I hope that you find a solution to your obstacles. And obstacles are always better managed with sunshine & snowdrops.

  2. Such pretty snowdrops and so welcome at this time of the year. As for obstacles, I do find that many of mine are self-inflicted - and sometimes changing directions allows a whole new path to open up before us. Good luck in finding your way!

  3. Your snowdrops are so lovely! We have snow(flakes), and (rain)drops, but no snowdrops yet. External obstacles, especially those you have no control over, are very frustrating. All the more so after you've overcome those inner ones. Hold on to your vision and you'll find your way clear.

  4. We have snowflakes too. Too many. We had a major melt that reduce my 4 foot pile at the edge of the driveway down to 3 feet. It's a start.
    There are those times we are ready to dive, and we do, sometimes to hit bottom and sometimes to swim. I hope your obstacle let you pass with ease.

  5. Sunshine and flowers are antidotes to lots of ills. I hope this combination is the beginning of a solution to the obstacles you face.

  6. Kudos to you for your bravery. We can only do what we can do - we can't control others. I agree with the others - all obstacles look smaller with sunshine and snowdrops as part of our day. Thinking of you and your challenges.

  7. Hang in there. I'm sending good thoughts your way to clear those stubborn obstacles.


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