Friday, 11 April 2014

Nothing but blue skies

summer sky

I sometimes wonder if the endless blue skies I remember from childhood were only there because I lived absolutely and wholeheartedly in the present.  Maybe the endlessness of them was created by my total acceptance of that moment.  I didn't worry that storm clouds might be along soon and the rain of yesterday was completely forgotten.

Once again a childhood recollection has become a lesson for today.

Linking up with April prompts at Writealm.

Happy Friday. :)


  1. Lovely thoughts and sentiment for a lovely sunny Friday. Funny how the summers were always hot and sunny too in childhood. Well mine were!! Thanks for leaving a great comment about the Robin's Nest. Happy Friday :)

  2. I think you are so spot on with this! Oh, the balmy summers of childhood : ) Have a fab weekend! Jane x

  3. Yes, a profound lesson from childhood, for accepting and being only in the present moment. Gorgeous golden light, especially the rim light around (I assume) your daughter.

  4. Love the light and the long shadows here and the prompt to recall childhood memories.

  5. I love how the rim lighting and long shadow seems to connect the two figures - as if perhaps the figure in the background is recalling her own childhood self.

  6. such gorgeous light in that photograph!

  7. My childhood was spent in Arizona, nothin' but blue skies for sure!
    I do think you are right though, that it was more about how we lived--in the moment--than where we lived.


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