Thursday, 10 April 2014

Ten on Ten

Kitchen - first thing 

A few games after breakfast

New buttons for my cardi

Sunshine and camelia - the flowers are magnificent this year!

Snacks and Twitter.  No idea what I'm doing....and I really need to wipe my table....

Taking her bike out - learning to ride without stabilisers

Changing transport modes for a trip to the shops

Cress growing

Easter nests
Making Easter nests

Bananagram....regularly beaten by an 8 year old....

I finally remembered to do ten on ten!  It's only taken a couple of years....

I've loved capturing the details of our everyday, especially as it's the holidays and we spent the day together.  Let's see if I manage to join in again without waiting another 2 years.....

Oh, and I'm @catchingsundust on twitter.  As I say, no real idea what I'm doing....but do come and say hi and leave me your twitter name in the comments so I can follow you. :)

How was  your day?

ten on ten button


  1. Love this... such a cute post!!

  2. A beautiful "everyday" of lovely and precious moments. I don't do much on Twitter either - except post my blog posts - but you are welcome to follow me at @gottgraphics.

  3. Those flowers don't even look real they're so perfect!! Glad I came along to see these great shots from the Ten on Ten linkup!

  4. Beautiful photos of lovely moments in your day. Glad you remembered- I've found it a really good thing to commit to once a month :)

  5. I'm @seabluelee on Twitter, though I don't know why I bother, since I neither read nor post there. I think I signed up for some specific purpose a while back but haven't been on since! I love seeing these glimpses of your day. You and your daughter always seem to be doing something fun and creative.

  6. What a nice collection of photos--it looks like you had a wonderful day together. The Easter nests look nice.


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