Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Outside in

At little outside is in and sitting on my sideboard.  Peonies are so pretty.

I'm on day 8 of my 21 day juice challenge and I must say I'm feeling pretty good.

Creatively, though,  I'm a little uninspired.  Stuck in a rut and in danger of playing the comparison game.  I keep thinking I'd like a new lens to play with or a different camera.  But I know that isn't the answer.

So today, I'm on the search for inspiration.

How about you?

Image processed using Kim Klassen texture peony (appropriately!).
Linking up with Texture Tuesday.


  1. hello sweetness..... i'm so glad you are feeling good on the juice.....
    me too!!
    sorry you are feeling uninspired.... try nurturing your creativity.... be good to it.... just for the sake of it. :)

    sending you love... xo

  2. p.s. adore your image...the processing is so moody..... wonderful.

  3. Such a great image! And yes, it's too easy to get stuck creatively. My theory is that a lull in creativity comes right before a big explosion of creative ideas and inspiration. So sit tight!

  4. Love your peonies, so soft and pretty. I agree with Dotti, after a lull in creativity something great usually comes around. Your image today looks pretty inspired to me. :)

  5. Pretty pink peonies - just the ticket to delight in some outdoors indoors :) Oh, the dreaded comparison game - a tough one to ignore, even when you know absolutely that you shouldn't! I usually have to just let it go - the attempts to force creativity - even though being in that space is rather painful

  6. The outside in idea made me smile. Your flowers do bring the best of the outside in. Lovely, soft colors. I'm feeling a bit stuck, too. I'm thinking maybe exploring a new place, even if it's a nearby park, might spark some new photo subjects :)

  7. I love peonies and these soft pink ones are especially beautiful. And they're one of my favorite scents. I've been doing the comparison thing a bit lately, too, but then I have to remind myself that they are them and I am me! I know the grammar is terrible, but the point is that each of us creates in our own way. When I see work I admire, I'm trying to let it inspire me, rather than making me feel inadequate. I know your own inspiration will soon well up again!

  8. Lovely soft peonies, I really like your edit. :)

  9. I have to remind myself all the time that new gear will not solve the problem. I agree, sometimes a lull is just what we need to give us some spark. xoxo


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