Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Adventures in processing

Still life

Having some fun in lightroom over at Be Still 52.  Dark and moody is the theme, which is quite a contrast to these pretty blue, light catching flowers but always interesting to see where you can go with it.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Love your image Becs, so pretty !

  2. I like your dark and moody take on this scene. There is a real feeling of foreboding and mystery. Isn't that the great thing about post-processing - how you can so easily change the mood of a piece?

  3. Beautiful how you processed this image, what we are learning with Kim is really great stuff !!

  4. So pretty! I love how you set this up!

  5. This seems to be all about contrasts...between the soft and romantic of the flowers and vase compared with the real world aspect of the camera, of the white of the vase against the black, tall vs. short...

    OK, I'll stop's a lovely image :-).


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