Friday, 1 August 2014


Ice-cream throwbacks

Truth be told I am terrible at lunch - making or eating - unless I'm cooking for the family or someone is making it for me.  And that hasn't this is a latergram from Mallorca where I was delighted to discover that you can still get coconut ice cream in a coconut shell.  Let me tell you, we considered this  the HEIGHT of luxury in the early '80s.

I am delighted to report that they still exist and were enjoyed at lunch on several occasions on our recent visit (as well as the lemon ice cream in the lemon, also shown!).  A little more synthetic tasting than I remember, but I think that tells you all you need to know about my levels of sophistication in the early '80s. ;)

Participating in August break this month and linking it up as a Friday (re) Find.

Happy weekend. :)


  1. Oh, Becs, I'm terrible at lunch, too! I wasn't about to photograph mine! I did photograph some cookies I ate! I love the look of "I'm finished and that was delicious!"

  2. Never had either of these refreshing treats before - both sound lovely!

  3. It looks like the surroundings probably added to the enjoyment of your treats.

  4. That's a lot of ice cream. did it completely fill the coconut?
    I do have memories of gelato in lemons but not coconut :)


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