Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Rolling on

I am listening to the sound of the rain as I type - a constant in the past 36 hours or so.  It seems summer ended last week and a cold damp autumn arrived yesterday.

The Moo is at a friend's house today and aside from the sound of the rain, silence has fallen like a blanket.  I am relishing the few hours of quiet to sort out and catch up on a few things but my heart is heavy too.  Next week she will be back to school.  Year 4 and all that brings.  A well entrenched junior rather than a new one.  An old hand.

Every year I am dragged kicking and screaming in to September.  I love the summer and drink it up but it doesn't matter how much I embrace and enjoy it, I am never ready to embrace the return to routine and commitment.

So today I am starting gently.  Cleaning the sand from our sandals and digging out a favourite cardi.

We're not quite there yet and for that I am grateful.

Image processed using Kim Klassen textures warmly and reverie.
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  1. Lovely photo ... perfect for today's words, Becs !
    The same weather here ... rain all day ... :-(
    Have a nice week,

  2. I find myself mesmerized with this image....dreaming away. It is so gorgeous Becs! Although I love the month of September with the sun changing brightness and direction, however, I do not long for the months that follow, so I too am hanging onto every hot day that summer will give us.

  3. I always love grass shots and this is lovely. I hate to think about it being nearly September too but it's still quite hot. I'm ready for the garden to slow down that's for sure.

  4. time passes all too quickly, doesn't it! sad to think this short summer has almost met it's end, but it's good to know that after every ending. there is a new beginning! your image is lovely, Becs ... and like Roxi, i, too, love grass shots. beautiful processing as well! my first visit from kim's linkup. :)

  5. We are finally having some sun after a rainy August. I really needed some "solar energy" before the long winter ahead. :)
    September should be nice in the whole UK, hope so! :D
    A lovely image, sooooo dreamy!

  6. Yes, I always long to hang onto summer, too. We're still very warm here so it's not hard ... yet. I love your photo. It really does create the sense of summer leaving us. Nicely done, Becs!

  7. Gorgeous photo...and wonderful content. You reflected your feelings perfectly in your words...not easy to do!

  8. It is hard to let go in so many ways and to so many things. Summer always travels by much too quickly and yes the return to school stinks. It is my girl's last year of college, there is so much uncertainty ahead that I will relish this year knowing where she is, that she is safe and knows what she is doing. Next year is a whole new story...

  9. After a couple of weeks of cooler weather, the temperatures and humidity here are making it feel like summer again. But there's still that sense of change in the air. Summer is waning and everything knows it. It seems to be a season for letting go, and the time is passing all too quickly. Your image is evocative and beautiful, and so are you words.

  10. September - both an end and a beginning. Such a lovely image - so soft and dreamy.

  11. Lovely post...I agree with Brenda - both an end and a beginning. I relish the dip in temperature and the crispness of autumn, but so sad to see the flowers fade...Thinking of you and how I've enjoyed your writing.

  12. Lovely! I love those clouds in the background! While I don't like summer, I certainly never liked September. I was never ready for my children to go back to school. I missed them so much when they were at school. It's different now, they're grown, but I still don't even like to hear the words "back to school!"


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