Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Favourite Things 2014

We've had the brown paper parcels wrapped up with string and now here are a few of my other favourite things from this year:

It FINALLY stopped raining!

A day with blue skies is (almost) always a good day.


Classes and experimenting with light.  I've been a little remiss in keeping up with classes, especially at the end of this year but I miss it and I can feel the slow in creative growth.  So this goes straight back to the top of my priority list.

The colours of Southbank

London.  Every time I feel stuck or frustrated or jaded, a trip to London - even just for a wander - hits the restart button for me.  


My girl.  Growing before my eyes and making me want to burst with pride.

Ruby slippers.

I finally got the shoes I have wanted since I first saw the Wizard of Oz.

The look out

Paris.  Through new eyes.

As Far as the Eye Can Sea

The beach.  Empty beaches in August in Northumberland.  Fresh air, happy kids, tea in an enamel mug, fish and chips and a trip to the 2p slotties.  

Happy, happy things.

What are your favourites this year?


  1. What a wondrous collection of favorites! The images of your daughter are so very lovely. And who wouldn't want those red sparkly shoes? How lucky you are to have London as inspiration. When you gather up all these favorite moments, it makes for a wondrous 2014. May 2015 come to you filled with creativity and joy.

  2. Happy New Year! What a lovely glance back through 2014! I'm looking forward to traveling through 2015 with you!


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