Friday, 30 January 2015

Friday's Letter


Dear January,

I'm not sure what's happened this year.  Usually you really draaaaaag.  But not this is almost February??!

Having done pretty well with my health and fitness regime this month, I treated myself to these lovelies today.  Such a lift to have this gorgeous burst of colour in the house.  No offence, January, but you can be a little on the dreary side.

So pleased it's Friday.  Looking forward to cosy family time at home this weekend ahead of a few birthday preparations for a certain soon-to-be-9 someone......

Have a good one.   {and thank you January for not hanging about}

Love, Me


  1. Beautiful way to treat yourself!

  2. There's definitely a tulip theme going on today. There's a feeling of gay abandon to your beautiful image that lifts my spirits. As always, I love your Friday Letter. Have a happy weekend!

  3. January can be dreary, your flowers definitely bright things up. Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration.

  4. What a lovely, colourful reward! I can't believe its February tomorrow either. x

  5. Love the tulips and I hope you enjoy your family time! xx

  6. I agree January flew and I am very happy about it.

  7. Well, what a happy breath of spring this is! Beautiful! Love the "looking down" perspective!


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