Friday, 2 January 2015

The Word that Was.....


My word for 2014 was....story.

When I picked it, I thought 2014  would be about sharing my story.  And in some ways it was.  But not really in the ways I had imagined.

I was expecting........ to spend time developing my writing and I did spend some time doing that.  And I loved it.  But I learned that whilst I love writing and will continue to do so, my writing is for my journal or this little space of mine here.  At least for now.  I also learned that I need to write regularly.  Mostly just for my sanity.

I was expecting.............. that I would be sharing my story.  And in some ways I have.  But little pieces and not always where and when I expected to.

I was expecting...................... my story to feel bigger than it does.

I was expecting............. a year of story to have a beginning, a middle and and an end.

What I know now:

I love to write.  It doesn't matter where my writing goes and I love my journal and my blog. The continued discovery of my story makes me think about myself and my relationship with others and all this is part of my process of moving forward and living the life I have chosen and strive for.

Honestly, reading my expectations makes my life sound much more epic that it really is.  My story is simple and ordinary and ongoing.  And I love that.  But to learn and keep learning, I need to keep telling and reviewing my story.

Story will always be one of my words.  After all, if you don't know your story, you can't share your story.  And you never know when someone needs to hear your story.  Even if, or perhaps especially if, it's only you that needs to hear it.


  1. I love your reflections on "story". And I love that our stories are always evolving. I think we all have more than one story to tell, and there's always one person who needs to hear/read our stories. We can learn so much from each other. Will you choose a word for 2015? Elia xx

    1. Hi Elisa, thanks so much. Yes, I have a word for 2015...a post is in the pipeline. :) Happy new year to you. xx

  2. Enjoyed reading your post. I can relate and I love your writing...

  3. Nicely written, the great thing about story is that it is always changing. Happy new year!

  4. Story is a great word and you did learn a lot from it. And will probably keep learning as the years go by. Definitely keep writing, every day, that is essential.

  5. A great choice for 2014 Becs my motto this year is to write more and develop the habit. Happy New Year...

  6. Beautiful! I think it is a good thing when our word can surprise us by giving us things we weren't expecting in ways we weren't expecting them to happen. I like that story will be, for you, a forever word - one that continually guides your life.

  7. Great word for 2014. I started a journal this year and now I wonder why I waited so long! I will look forward to seeing what word you've chosen for this year!

  8. I picked Story in 2012. I was coming at it more from a love of fairy tales and story. Mine and everyone else. All roads lead to Story. At the end of the year, I was sorry to have to give it up. And then I realized, it would always be part of me : I never have to give it up! It was a wonderful word! Still is!


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