Friday, 9 October 2015

The Wish Jar

Once upon a time, there was a jar filled with the wishes and dreams of a girl searching for her next path.

The wish jar

Each wish was carefully written and placed in the jar, where it sat collecting dust for a year or two.

Inside the wish jar

The jar was forgotten.  But the girl was working quietly.  A little bit every day.  Slow progress.  But progress for sure.

Time passed.

Then one day she looked up and saw the jar on her window sill and wondered.......

Piles of wishes

....what she had even written.  And, even more curiously, had any of them come true?

Unravelled wishes

And as she unravelled each of the wishes, she realised just how far she had come.

Wishes that remain

All but two of the wishes had come true.  Not always in the way she had expected, but nevertheless, the dreams had been realised in one way or another.

The two that were left - one was no longer a wish.  One is still a dream.  A really big dream.

But if you can achieve this much with a little a day, surely a really big dream is reachable one day, no?

So here's to wishing and dreaming and celebrating the tiny steps that get you there in the end.

Happy Friday.

Dream a little dream for me, okay. :)


  1. Becs, this is wonderful! I love your jar of pretty wishes, so lovingly tied, I especially like that last photo, the wishes unscrolling and the tangle of thread. I had a similar experience once, playing with colored markers and a new sketchpad, I jotted a quick, multicolored list of things I wanted to have or do. A couple of years later I rediscovered the list and was truly shocked to realize that every single one of those things had come to pass. I think there is power in the simple act of writing things down. And yes, little by little, things change and happen! It's good to be able to look back and realize how far we've come. I'll dream your dream for you, and you can do the same for me, okay?

  2. What a beautifully inspiring story! May you reach that BIG dream as well.

  3. Love the idea, and putting it in a jar as well as a journal. Very nice. Enjoyed!! :)

  4. You must have been delighted as you unrolled each wish! I love that you took so much time with your wishes with pastel papers and tied so prettily! I'm wishing that your big wish comes true for you! Good to see you back to blogging!


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