Tuesday, 1 December 2015



It's starting quietly.  Even the mundanity of broken dishwashers and epic Amazon deliveries hasn't thrown me off kilter.  Yet.  Early days.

My wish this advent is that I remember what it's really all about.  Not consumer mania or picture perfect home baking and decorations or over eating or rushing around like a loon......

Just the quiet anticipation of something truly special.

Participating with Susannah Conway's December reflections.  Today's prompt is sparkle.


  1. Beautiful and oh so wise! I can only hope to follow along in your footsteps and approach the season in the same way.

  2. Beautiful, Becs. I love the simplicity of this image, and the simple approach to the holidays, too.

  3. Yes, there's a lot more to Christmas than the hustle & bustle that seems to take priority. Love this Christmas sparkle :)

  4. Love this. It's so hard to truly enjoy the peace and grace at this holiday. I, too, am doing the same as you...Happy Holidays, peace and love...


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