Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My Word

Cafe Dreams

This post started out as a different post completely.  I started last year with the word balance as my word for the year.  And, to be blunt,  I made a complete hash of it.  I won't go in to the hows and whys here but it feels very much like a fail.

My word for this year started out as...balance.  I felt that as I hadn't achieved it and it was still very much needed, I had to have a redo.  But then I started reading other people's post about their word for the year.  Posts filled with expectation, joy, anticipation.  And all I felt was flat with a slight sense of dread - like I was resitting an exam I still hadn't studied for.

So I have abandoned balance and shifted perspective a little. And the word that has found me is light.  An intention to seek light; to feel light; to share light; to lighten the load with a hope that it will lead me to where I want to be.  Perhaps in a less prescriptive way.

So I'm starting 2016 in a slightly wounded state but, I think, with cause for cautious optimism.

Going gently and mindfully in these first few days and weeks.  With one eye always towards the light.

How about you?


  1. Light is a great word. Balance is near impossible even in the best of circumstances.

  2. No word for me this year. I like your word and being kind to yourself. Looking forward to a year full of light!

  3. Oh Becs, light is a BEAUTIFUL word! And as long as you are seeking the light, it will shine down on you! Be mindful of it always, soak it up, and more importantly, radiate it! Aloha to you!

  4. I agree, light is a beautiful word. I wish you lots of it...a light heart, a light step, a light spirit, and of course, beautiful light to capture with your camera.


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