Saturday, 2 April 2016

Dear Home

Dear Home #aprillove

Dear Home,

I love you so much.

We've spent ages getting you just the way you are.  Perfect for us.  We hang out here, we live, we laugh.  You are our refuge and our joy.

However - and this is our fault, so don't be upset - you are FULL.  Full of stuff.  In every nook and cranny!  Wherever I look! There is a tiny proportion of this stuff that we cherish and use all the time.  The rest, however, I spend my life trying (and usually failing) to find inventive storage solutions for.

I have just read this book.  Even better, I have started......

Enough with the stuff.  Let's get you back to your former glory.  So you can just keep doing what you do; we can stop owning stuff that we don't really need (let alone find any joy in); and I can stop looking at pinterest for 'interesting ways of disguising this mountain of rubbish'.

How does that sound?

Love, Me

Joining in with Susannah Conway's April Love.


  1. This book intrigues me. As I spend more time at home now creating, and am content with that, I would declutter, dejunk the place too, so some day when we down size, I have less to do then.

  2. Funny post. I chose SIMPLIFY as my word for 2016 in hopes of dumping some of our "stuff", but so far I have failed. It doesn't help that the 3 grown littles, have moved on and left mountains of "rubbish" behind, yet when I ask them if I can get rid of their ****, oh, they plead with, please, no, I promise I will take care of it. And then I bring home a mountain of books on how to organize! HA HA HA! Enough with the April Foolishness, who am I fooling? Aloha from snowy frigid New York State!

  3. I hope that you find the life changing magic as you tidy, we occasionally do a purge (have just done a huge garage clear out) but sadly the stuff continues to pile up. It seems to be a never ending task... but home even with a few piles of unwanted is still lovely x


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